Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic, nationally-known Wholistic Health Expert — Chef, Food Scientist, Nutrition Specialist, Natural Foods Marketing Consultant, Writer, Teacher, and Minister of Healing — who has done just about everything you can do with food.

From a Cornell foods, nutrition and communications degree and Madison Avenue food photography styling, she has gone full circle — with spoon in one hand and mouse in the other — from developing gourmet organic food products and farm-to-chef market programs to co-authoring the breakthrough Dr. Mercola’s TOTAL HEALTH Program and recently being honored as one of the first 15 top, national Project Messengers.

Completing the whole circuit around what she calls “The Food Circle,” wearing hats as Food Systems Development Specialist, Specialty Grain Broker, Food Editor and Healthy Foodservice Specialist, this new paradigm innovator has lots of stories and wisdom to tell about teaching MasterCard®chefs, baking Prince’s purple flowered birthday cake, organizing the first organic trade association and developing wheat-free recipes for Cher.

A visionary activist and champion for healthy foods and sustainable communities who has been sowing the “seeds of health,” making the connections and building the food, agriculture, nutrition, health and wellness soil-to-spirit bridge for over 25 years, Nancy Lee has been called a pioneer in the fields of natural and organic foods, sustainable foodsystems and holistic health.

Her passion, unquestionably, is healthy food. Whether teaching, writing or nurturing with it, through it, this food ambassador sees food and nourishment as a metaphor for life, an inspiriting path to community, good health and well-being, a bridge to satisfying deeper hungers, to peace and to REMEMBERING who we are.

I want to thank all of those who’ve assisted in the seeding and nurturing of this labor of love, most especially Sally Fallon for her inspiration and courage and my editor, Jean Stanley for her patience and perseverance.

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