About Truly CulturedTM

Truly CulturedTM is a first, a full spectrum feast on culturing. This groundbreaking treasury digests and capsules the essence and mystery as well as the how-to's and health benefits of our most ancient, vital and treasured foods. It looks at the world of fermentation in a new light using a wider perspective.

It is a secret missing link; a key to real eating enjoyment, health and longevity.
It fosters fellowship and community, leading to personal and planetary transformation. This is what being truly cultured, from soil to spirit, really means ~ a life worth celebrating.

Rediscover the fundamentals, learn why and how easy it is to once again embrace and incorporate truly cultured, fermented foods back into our daily eating -- for pleasure, renewed health, growing community...even our ultimate survival.

What Will You find by Getting Truly Cultured TM
*A rich, savory compendium of myth-busting facts, folklore, classic and favorite recipes about the pleasures and benefits of some of the world’s most enjoyable – and healthful foods, this treasury of truly fermented, cultured foods – the healthy, traditional, artisanal type – illustrates how to easy it is to bring their rich heritage of good eating, nutrition and health up to speed in your own kitchen and life.

Taste: Enjoy Eating Once again
*Includes classic recipes and variations for over 120 of our favorite cultured and fermented foods, notes, tips and hints, woven into a tapestry of interesting facts, tidbits and simple, economical approaches for reincorporating and enjoying these most delicious, essential foods, with new appreciation, enjoyment and friends in new and innovative ways.

Health: Balancing Our Inner and Outer Ecology
*The final result demystifies a complex, dynamic, and controversial subject into a simple, commonsense, bottomline key to health, taste and community, a new lease on life. It not only gives the reader the tools to start improving his or her own digestion, and thus, overall health and well-being, it helps us see the lesson our friends and co-creators, the microorganisms, (who are obviously much smarter than us) have to teach us about living in balance, harmony and peace on the planet.

Community: Reconnecting The Circle of Life
*Finally, this inspiring and informative work gives us the clues, key concepts and most importantly the confidence to start taking back control of our health and life, to lighten up, really enjoy and reconnect with good food and life once again, in fun and fellowship and new ways of relating in sustainable community circles. Plus, this book is just the first of many upcoming “seeds of health” projects Nancy Lee Bentley and strategic partners will be introducing for creating new paradigm technologies.

Truly Cultured TM can help us evolve and begin to start - REMEMBERING - Who We Are.

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