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Dear Media Specialist:

Please see the attached media kit for "Truly Cultured", a rich, savory compendium of mythbusting facts, folklore, classic and favorite recipes about the pleasures and benefits of some of the world’s most tasty and healthy foods -- live, cultured, fermented foods. Ironically, these are everyone's favorites: some our most ancient, vital and treasured foods, skillfully adapted for our modern, fast-paced culture.

Nancy Lee says her book will help us "rediscover the fundamentals, learn why and how easy it is to once again embrace and incorporate truly cultured, fermented foods back into our daily eating -- for pleasure, renewed health, growing community...even our ultimate survival".

To read more learn more about this groundbreaking book, please review this full media kit, and the healthier, 30 page “appeteaser" sample pdf edition in “Sneak Peak Editions” on the website, Or to review the full interactive digital edition of the book email for exclusive, password protected access. To schedule a media interview or special event with Author Nancy Lee Bentley, please contact us immediately by phone or email above.

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About the Book

TC Scrpt
Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods

order direct from
1st Edition Perfect Bound $25.95 plus $5.95 S&H
1st Edition Wire-O Bound Hardcover $34.95 plus $5.95 S&H

Key Copy Points:
  • A First, A Full-Spectrum Feast All About Some of Our Most Favorite Foods
  • The full scoop on how and why our germ mentality “war on bugs” – in our bodies and on our farms – just isn’t working. And what we can do about it.
  • How and why live cultured, fermented foods are the secret, missing key to our physical and environmental health, even to reenergizing our communities.
  • Covers the waterfront: Combines delicious and nutritious recipes with simple, logical solutions to our unhealthy ways of living, skyrocketing obesity and a whole range of chronic health and environmental conditions; provides seeds of wisdom for personal and planetary transformation.

Book Selling Points:
  • Fully Interactive Digital “Appeateaser” Edition available online.
  • Email for password access to the Full Interactive Digital Edition of the Entire Book for Reviews
  • 272 power-packed pages. A treasury of quips, quotes, quizzes, history, anecdotes, puns, myths, food science, facts and figures, secrets, insights, how-to tips, and unabashed, call-it-like-it-is power truths plus 120 Basic and Healthy, Delicious Recipes with supporting how-to get started copy and coping tips.
  • The first book to look at the whole dynamic archetype of this crucial, yet overlooked phenomenon, the essential missing link in so many of our contemporary health and environmental challenges.

Market Focus:
  • Conscious Creative/Spiritual
  • Natural/Organic/Nutrition/Health
  • Eco/Green/Sustainable
  • Foodies/Gourmet/Healthy Gourmet
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Press Release

Wholistic Health Expert Says We Need to Get "Truly Cultured", and She Doesn't Mean Going to the Opera.

CHICAGO, IL – You might be smarter than a fifth grader, but are you smarter than Bacteria? questions internationally-known health and wellness pioneer, Nancy Lee Bentley, talking about her newest book "Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods.” Better take a minute before you answer.

Why? Take it from this expert: Bacteria never looked so good. Or so smart.

According to Chef, Nutrition and Natural Foods Marketing Specialist Bentley, in so many ways, the evidence is overwhelming: “From acid indigestion to yeast overgrowth to antibiotic-dodging pests, the bacteria are proving that they’re smarter than we are. Our “war on bugs” mentality, --on our farms and in our bodies -- just isn’t working.”

In fact, Bentley, insists, “they’re not the enemy.” Ironically, the bacteria we swear daily we're going to wipe out are actually the secret missing key to our physical and environmental health. Astonishingly, they are also the key agents responsible for creating our favorite foods, including chocolate, cheese and coffee. There is hope, Bentley says. And it’s quick, efficient, cheap – and delicious. “We need to rethink our relationship with food and these tiny critters, and learn how to eat our way back to good health, sense, and enjoyment. That’s what this breakthrough book is all about.

Truly Cultured is a delicious and nutritious feast of recipes, quips, quotes, quizzes, history, anecdotes, puns, myths, food science, facts and figures, secrets, insights, how-to tips, tidbits and unabashed, call-it-like-it-is power truths that help readers understand how important live, cultured, fermented foods are to our health and our communities

Although many people will pick up Truly Cultured just for its scrumptious recipes, the book is much more, an unprecedented archetype on the subject. Bentley hopes it will change the way we think about food, life and how this impacts the world. Her “Hello, hasn’t anyone else seen what’s going on?” approach will have you laughing one minute, then groaning and crying the next.

She digests and distills the full scope of the subject down to the troubling mysteries of the inner and outer enigmas of our time, ranging from ADHD, GERD, and other obscure alphabet soup conditions, to obesity, antibiotic and pesticide resistance, and just plain global “out of whackism.” Then she provides obvious logical conclusions and simple ecological solutions for extracting ourselves from our planetary mess.

Wholistic Health Expert Nancy Lee Bentley is well-known for connecting the burgeoning
healthy and gourmet organic foods industry with the environmental movement and the spiritual revolution. She tirelessly promotes nutrient-dense, local organic foods and holistic lifestyles to support optimum nutrition and sustainable communities. We believe that Truly Cultured may well be destined to become the bread and butter (cultured, of course) standard for a new paradigm palate.

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About the Author


More about Nancy Lee Bentley:
A champion of sustainability, Nancy Lee Bentley is a pioneering wholistic health expert, professional chef, natural foods marketing and nutrition consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. Her work has appeared in national/regional trade and consumer publications ranging from "Organic Gardening" to "Natural Foods Merchandiser".

She co-authored the successful Dr. Mercola's TOTAL HEALTH Program and has received recognition from Earl Nightingale, the USDA and 2000 Notable American Women, among others. A Green Ambassador at Large and one of the first 15 top national Project Messengers, Nancy Lee Bentley has also been distinguished as a Wholistic Health Expert on, the leading self-improvement website.

Nancy Lee has organized and developed organic/natural food products, co-ops, cooking classes, restaurants, healthy foodservice pilots, start-up businesses, national trade and organic certification associations. She has trained MasterCard® chefs; organized an allergy/specialty foods mail-order business, brokered organic and specialty grains, developed wheat-free recipes for Cher, baked a 3-tiered purple birthday cake for Prince, and catered for Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher.

For more on Nancy Lee Bentley and her book, Truly Cultured, please visit the website where you can also view the Get Truly Cultured video. To schedule a media interview, please contact us immediately via phone or email.

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What Others are Saying!

Truly Cultured is an excellent overview of the myriad benefits of fermenting food. It is thorough and informative, yet its underlying message is one of simplicity and empowerment. May it inspire many new converts to the fermentation revival!”
- Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved

“An excellent and practical, no frills return to honest cuisine.”
- Marcel Biro, award-winning author of Biro: European-Inspired Cuisine and host of the Emmy award-winning PBS series The Kitchens of Biro

“As AllergyKids focuses on the important role that diet plays in the health of our
children, Nancy's work provides a valuable resource to parents across the country. By educating mothers about how to protect the health of their families, we can inspire change. Thank you Nancy, for Truly Cultured and your insightful work!”
- Robyn O'Brien, mother and founder of AllergyKids

“Nancy Lee Bentley weaves a tale of philosophy, science and spirit, illustrating
how fermented food is fundamental preventative medicine. Truly Cultured will
fascinate your mind, nurture your spirit and heal your body if you follow Ms.
Bentley's advice.”
- Susan B. Lord, MD, Director of Nutrition Programs, Associate Director of
Medical Education, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

For more information please contact:

Nancy Lee Bentley

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